Complete phonics pack. Letters, tricky words, non words, same sound different letters

Testimonials - Kate's review

Listen to a mum who knows the pack works.

3 yrs old spoting the link - ck

A 3 yrs old boy having fun with the charts.  Great that he spots the CK in three words.  Mum spends a few minutes each day. 

Sienna's Testimonial Video

Sienna having fun learning her phonics.

Finley aged 5

Finley using the flip chart to help him learn to read.

Nana's words

Hear how a Nana uses the pack and gets results.

Callen's Video

Callen used the pack. Listen to how he used it.


There have been requests on the Home Schooling Ideas and Project  UK facebook site for information on the phonics screening check.

A handy page you can use to keep a record of your child's phonic knowledge, (if you want to) is found  on page 207/214 or actual page 201 on the link below:


For the Phonics Screening Check information click the link below:


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