Complete phonics pack. Letters, tricky words, non words, same sound different letters

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium pack, reading, phonics. spelling

Develop parent/carer school links

Show the Ofsted inspectors, who will judge how the school engages with parents and carers, that the pack provided by the school to the family requires regular communication because it works alongside the lessons taught in school.

Show Ofsted how you spend the pupil premium to cater for all abilities

The pack helps all children and learners to make progress and fulfil their potential. 

The pack contains flip charts for the beginner reader to progress to become a competent reader.


The 300 common word cards allows sentence building to support the reading.

Also ideal for the Armed Forces children pupil premium spending.

Testimonials: Headteacher

 Headteacher- 'I have found the pack to be well designed and thought out. A great product to support phonic teaching at home.’ 

A boy gained 100% in Yr 1 phonics screening check after using this pack,  2017.

Another boy gained 37/40, 2018. 

For more testimonials see the Testimonials page

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'Get an outstanding from Ofsted on using the pupil premium effectively'